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Primadeli Culinary Institute Inc. has its roots stemming from Primadeli Ristorante & Catering Services founded by Chef Karl James T. Mallari in December 2012. The Restaurant specializes in Western & Asian Cuisine and is considered as a pioneer in fine dining in Tarlac City. An in-depth analysis of the standards of culinary arts education in Tarlac City induced Chef Karl James T. Mallari to create his own culinary and technical school because he wanted the highest standards of culinary training and technical education for students at a fraction of the cost of the elite culinary institutes in Manila. With this vision, PRIMADELI CULINARY INSTITUTE INC. was incorporated May 27, 2015.

PRIMADELI CULINARY INSTITUTE INC. or PCI was formally affiliated and accredited with the TECHNICAL EDUCATION and SKILLS DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY (TESDA) in July 2015 having passed all the criteria and requirements set by TESDA for culinary schools. It is the only culinary school and restaurant under one roof in Tarlac City. The INSTITUTE shortly thereafter began accepting enrolees for its Diploma in Western & Asian Cuisine with batches consisting of 10 students maximum per batch to ensure maximum immersion in all aspects of culinary education. Within 5 months since its inception, PRIMADELI CULINARY INSTITUTE has bagged the gold in culinary competitions under the auspices of TESDA in the City, Provincial and Regional categories for 2015. It shall represent Region 3 in the National Championships slated for early next year by TESDA in Davao City. Although just being 5 months old, Primadeli has clearly demonstrated the top caliber of its faculty and teaching methods and proprietary techniques.

The Institute is finalizing accreditation with TESDA on its Bread and Pastry (Baking) Courses which shall be offered as a Diploma course akin to its Diploma in Western & Asian Cuisine course currently being offered. As with its culinary education counterpart, Primadeli’s Bread and Pastry schooling will be creative, innovative and fully immersive and will impart lifetime and gainful skills to its enrollees and graduates.

Primadeli’s vision of Creative Excellence will continue to shine forth in the years to come.

Brief outlook on Primadeli Culinary Institute

Primadeli Culinary Institute or PCI is a purpose-driven culinary school, fiercely focused on endowing its students with globally competitive skills in Culinary Arts & Bread and Pastry Making. This 2017, from its home in Tarlac City, PCI has embarked on a journey to San Fernando, Pampanga, arguably the Land of Great Cooks and Regional Cuisine in the Philippines. Primadeli is enthusiastic to make a culinary footprint in Pampanga by sharing and imbuing its students with its very own proprietary recipes and teaching methods and curriculum in Asian and Western Cuisine.

PCI will infuse its methods, techniques and recipes to its students to make them proud beacons of Western and Asian Cuisine. Primadeli technical education fuses Modern Cooking Methods with that of the Classic Cooking Techniques and Tenets. We shall give our students the soul of the Classic Methods fused with avant-garde concepts and applications of Modern Cooking. Their new skills will enable them to trail blaze, to innovate and create novel cuisine uniquely theirs! Come and join the House of Champions!

A brief outlook on Primadeli Ristorante & Catring Services

The renowned Chef Karl James Mallari wrote that “The pleasures of the table last longest among human endeavours” and we dare say that Primadeli-Tarlac and Prima Bistro-San Fernando are the vessels that concoct and conjure those unforgettable and mouth-watering creations done in the tradition of the Old Culinary Masters via Modern Cooking.

As ardent followers of the ways and techniques of the Great Culinary Masters, our restaurants aim to impart the essences and flavors of authentic Signature Dishes harmonizing Classical Cooking with Modern Cooking. Dining for us; is a journey devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment of culinary creations. Come and Savor the “Pleasures of the Table” and be comforted and pampered with our delectable proprietary selections. Bon Appétit.

Prima Bistro & Cafe

Address: Ground Floor DAP Sr. Bldg. Dela Paz Norte, Mac Arthur Highway, City of San Fernando Pampanga 2000

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PRIMA-426259297719809/

Contact Number: 0939 9102 186

Primadeli Culinary Institute

Address: Southern Bypass Road San Vicente, Tarlac City 2300

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/primadeliculinaryinstitute/

Contact Number: 0939 910 2186

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